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Antioxidant activity, lipid quality, proximate composition and mineral content of Rambutan seeds (Nephelium lappaceum) from Cameroon

Ornella Elisabeth Aseyi Kedem Onana, Fabrice Tonfack Djikeng, Serge Eric Ngangoum, Hermine Doungue Tsafack, Hilaire Macaire Womeni

Published :  October-05-2019

Plant and fruit seeds, rings and peels which are usually disposed as wastes as well as other agricultural byproducts can have good nutritional and functional properties. The aim of this research was to determine some physicochemical characteristics of rambutan seeds (Nephelium lappaceum) from Cameroon. Rambutan seeds were purchased at Sandaga Market in Douala-Cameroon. The seed oil was extracted using the maceration method in Hexane. The antioxidant activity of the oil was evaluated with different tests; 2, 2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH) radical scavenging activity, the Ferric reducing antioxidant power and the Hydroxyl radical scavenging activity. The result of this study demonstrated that rambutan seeds extract is a good DPPH radical scavenger. The characteristics of the oil extracted from its seeds were 38.09 meq O2/kg for the peroxide value (PV), 4.41 ppm for the thiobarbuturic acid value (TBA value), 48.22 g/100g for the Iodine value, 21.01 % for the acid value and the oil color was white. The proximate analysis showed that the seed contained 39.09 % lipids, 22.18 % carbohydrates, 8% proteins, 29.03 % fiber, and 1.7 % ash. The major minerals elements present in rambutan seeds included; Calcium 616 mg/100g, Potassium 515 mg/100g, Phosphorus 146 mg/100g, Magnesium 131 mg/100g, Sodium 52 mg/100g and Ion 0.08 mg/100g. These results suggest that rambutan seeds could contribute partially to the overall daily intake of these minerals and macronutrients.

Practical Applications

Rambutan seeds from Cameroon can be used as supplement in food formulation upon toxicological investigations are done.


Nephelium lappaceum, antioxidant, physicochemical properties, oil

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